2021 Vision Board

My 2021 Vision Board

Creating a personalized vision board is always a great idea for starting the New Year. Not only does it give you a chance to sit down and reflect on the past year, but allows you to set intentions and goals for the New Year. Having something that fits your aesthetic and inspires you each time you see it can be a game changer! This past year was challenging, seemingly chaotic, leaving people around the globe feeling lost at times. Now more than ever, finding and utilizing sources of inspiration can be extremely beneficial. In this post I show the steps I took in creating mine, and which apps made the process easy and enjoyable!

Start by jotting down some goals or resolutions you have for the new year. I found this extremely helpful in referring back to when picking out my pictures for the vision board. Once you have your goals, you can then start to find images to fit your overall vision.

Choose images from Pinterest. To find photos that would fit the style I had in mind, I simply typed in my goal finished with “aesthetic”. For instance, one of my goals was to read more. So, I simply typed in “reading aesthetic” and up popped pictures that were visually appealing. After doing this for each of your goals, you’ll have compiled a folder of your 2021 images and will be able to design your board. Below I have linked my Pinterest which contains photos for different aesthetics that you may like!

Nichi: Collage & Stories Maker or Canva. Of course you can print your pictures out and collage them by hand, but if you don’t have access to a printer or would rather have technology do it for you, I have two resources for you! The first app I discovered and used was Nichi: Collage & Stories Maker. It’s free from the App Store and offers the cutest templates, stickers, and creative ways to collage your photos. It lets you choose 9 photos and allows you to personalize your collage with fun stickers and edits. Another resource you can use if you’d rather create it on a laptop rather than phone or tablet, is Canva. They have an abundance of cute collage templates and stickers as well. I actually made one vision board on each for both my phone and laptop wallpapers.

Lastly, putting these vision boards to use is what it’s all about! Whether that be printing your vision board out and framing it to have on your desk, or just setting it as your phone/tablet/laptop background, having it in a place where each day you are reminded of your goals and feel pleased with what you’ve created is a small step in reigniting that drive and discipline for the New Year.

I hope this post helped motivate you and kickstart the new year! Stay safe and be kind 🙂


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