6 ways to wear a scarf.

Scarfs are so underrated. Not only are they extreeeemely versatile, but they are so chic and add a different component to your wardrobe. The one I’m styling is a silk scarf bundle from Fortiv, which is an amazing sustainable brand based in Canada that uses wilted flowers from local florists before they are composted! Check out her work at https://www.fortiv.ca


Fold the scarf to fit your belt loops and tie around your waist into a bow! So simple, yet adds and extra pop to any outfit.

Long front knot

Fold the scarf in half, creating a triangle. Grab the two opposite corners and tie them into a knot around your body. Once tied, shimmy the fabric down on your sides to have more coverage.

Short front knot

Hold the scarf up so that it is hanging down in a rectangle shape. Tie the short side of the rectangle around your chest into a knot – the rest of the fabric will drape down pretty long. Finish by tucking that extra fabric into your pants!

Back tie

Hold your scarf so that it is in a diamond shape. Fold the top part of the diamond down so that you now have a triangle. Use that as the front of your top and tie the back in a knot.


Do the same steps as the back tie style, except this time change the look by folding the lower part that is hanging down, up into the top of the scarf.

Bandana Style

Fold the scarf in half, so that it is in the shape of a triangle. Place on top of your head and tie a tight knot underneath your hair. Voila!

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