DIY Rustic Desk

This past year, I moved into a new house and was able to start decorating my room from scratch. I decided to go for the beachy look with a touch of rustic/farmhouse style! After looking days on end for desks that would fit the style and size I wanted, I was out of luck. So – I took it into my own hands and built one from scratch. Follow along to see how I made it!


  1. x4 : Wooden crates
  2. x1 : Wooden plank (Up to you on how long you want your desk, I used a 6ft x 1ft 3inch pre-sanded piece)
  3. 1 Can Primer (I used KILZ All-Purpose Interior/Exterior Primer)
  4. 1 Can White Paint
  5. 1 Can Wood Stain (I used Mission Oak Satin color)
  6. x6 : 2-1/2 Steel Zinc-Plated Corner Brace
  7. x4 : 4in Steel Zinc-Plated Corner Brace
  8. Paint Brush
  9. Sponge or rag
  10. Drill + screws for braces

I got all of my materials from Home Depot!


  1. Apply primer to wooden crates.
  2. While waiting for primer to dry, apply stain evenly to wood plank using a rag or sponge. Tip: If you get stain on your hands, soak them in oil and it will come right off!
  3. While waiting for stain to dry, apply your paint to the crates. (I only needed 2 coats to cover them)
  4. Apply as many extra coats of stain to the wood to get your desired color.
  5. Stack 2 of the crates on top of one another, and secure them by drilling the 4in. corner braces onto either side. Repeat this for the remaining 2 crates. These will be the base/legs of your desk in the end!
  6. Position the crates at a width that you’d like the desk, and place the stained wood ontop.
  7. Secure the table top to the crates by drilling in the 2-1/2 inch corner braces to the corners where the wood plank meets the crate.
  8. VOILA! You have your very own, personalized, rustic desk!
Connecting the two crates together using 4in. braces.
Connecting the wood plank with the top brace using 2-1/2in. corner braces.

When I was buying the crates to make the desk, I bought 2 extra ones to use as storage under my bed. It makes the rustic theme flow throughout the room and gives me extra storage!

The overall price of all the materials totaled to be around $100.

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