Jewelry Favorites

I used to go through jewelry pieces pretty regularly because I would buy cheap necklaces/earrings from places like Forever21. They would go green within a matter of days… yet I would keep rebuying more because I wanted that trendy gold layered look.

Pathetic. I know.

After coming across the realization that even though I was spending so little on the jewelry, I was in reality wasting money and time, I decided to look into brands that offered higher quality jewelry. I am so happy to have now found my holy grail jewelry pieces that I can wear every day with not the slightest bit of tarnishing!

Necklaces : Two of my necklaces are from Gorjana which is a jewelry company that has a large range of gold plated necklaces, earrings, and rings. You can buy these necklaces in a pair, and then choose to either wear them layered together, or separately. I asked for this pair for Christmas, but would highly recommend investing in jewelry from this company! They are such great quality and I never have to worry about them losing their color, or having to replace them any time soon. The next necklace that I layer is from Mejuri. This necklace is pricey as well, but something that I can wear and have forever without worrying about its quality. My boyfriend actually got me this necklace for Christmas. These necklaces are the perfect gifts to ask for because it is something you can use forever, but might not necessarily want to spend on yourself!

Gorjana / Parker Layering Set : $108
Mejuri / Honey Necklace : $65

Earrings : The pairs of earrings that I interchange regularly are from J&CO. Jewelry. I rarely take these babies out and they still maintain their color, shine, and quality. They are so cute and dainty which is exactly what I love. I got the mini endless hoop earrings set, the sparkly huggie hoops, and the mini skinny bar stud earrings. The mini endless hoops come with 2 pairs of small gold hoops, and the sparkly huggie hoops and skinny bar earrings come with one pair. I personally think they are quite inexpensive for the quality that they maintain, and highly recommend to anyone looking for a new pair that will last them years.

Sparkly Huggie Hoops : USD $26
Mini Endless Hoop Earrings Set : $25

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