Welcome to my blog!

Hello! To anyone who might be reading this and might possibly be interested in who I am:

My name is Cristina Drossos!

I currently go to college in Oahu, but am originally from California. I have always had a passion for fashion, beauty, interior design, health, and basically all things creative. I have spent so much time on all of these aspects, and have learnt so many things that I wish I knew earlier. After a couple of years, I’ve realized that blogging would be a perfect outlet for me to express myself in all of these segments, while hopefully helping other people who come across this on the way. I plan on posting clothing hacks, styling tips, DIY projects, and many more. I am so excited to start this creative outlet, and share a part of me with all of you!

I came up with the name of my blog when I was figuring out what mood I wanted this blog to be. I came up with the words: energy, passion, and style. From there I came across the word verve. The Merriam Webster definition of verve is, “the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance (energy and vitality)”. I really couldn’t think of a better name. Like c’mon, verve. It just fits.

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