Staple items to have in your wardrobe

I decided to put together a list of some pieces I own and am able to mix/match every day to create new outfits! These are all things that I absolutely love and are essential to my closet.

This is the first post on my new blog!! Ahh SO exciting.

I am no professional, just a girl going to college who loves reading things like this and thought my insights might be of use to others interested in fashion like me!

Over the past, probably few years I’d say, I have compiled a collection of clothing pieces that I don’t know how I ever lived without.

Below I have listed the staple items I think everyone should have, as well as pictures to see how I rearrange different outfits with the same pieces! Each outfit that I am wearing only involves the 9 staple items I mention below. It’s crazy how just a few items can be re-worked to fit so many different styles and occasions! Links to my items as well as similar items are linked at the bottom of this post.

  • Blouse : Lately I have been soooOOOooO obsessed with blouses. This one pictured was only $4 from Goodwill! I love the versatility that comes with wearing blouses. In the first picture I tied the bottom of the blouse into a knot for a more casual look, in the second picture I tucked the bottom of the blouse into my bra, and in the third picture I wore it as is. A lot of people nowadays are so quick to cut their t-shirts because they want the cropped look. I’m all for the cropped look, but also love to wear my things as is sometimes as well – SO I use this little trick of tucking the bottom of my shirt into my bra, and it comes in hand very regularly.
  • Pair of sweats and sweatshirt : I am currently obsessed with the boyfriend sweats/sweatshirt from Aritzia. I can wear them together, separately, dressed up, dressed down, or even layered. Not to mention the quality and feel of the material is to die for! For size reference, I got the sweatshirt in a 2 and the sweats in a medium! A dupe that I’ve found are fruit of the loom sweats and sweatshirts at Walmart. They only cost around $7 a piece and serve the same looks!
  • Pair of denim jeans : I recently got a pair of Levi’s for Christmas that are distressed and straight legged style. I’ve always struggled finding a pair of jeans that fit my body right (don’t we all), while also being comfortable enough to wear them all day. For size reference, I got them in a size 26! Jeans are always a good gift to get since they can be quite expensive. When I buy on my own, I’m often able to find cute jeans on the sale rack of Urban Outfitters, or from a good thrift store if I get lucky.
  • Graphic T-shirt : If anyone knows me, I live in graphic T’s. However, they can often be pretty pricey – no one wants to pay $40 for a cotton t-shirt!! Although I’ve caved and bought the occasional overpriced T-shirt from Urban Outfitters, most of my graphic T collection has come from Goodwill. (Stay tuned for my post on thrifting tips!) Not only are they comfy and non-restrictive, but they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Depending on the occasion I can wear it as is, tucked in, or tucked under my bra to get the cropped look.
  • Blazer : I never really realized just how much use I could get out of a blazer. I now have a couple blazers, but seriously think everyone would benefit from having one in their closet! In the pictures, you can see I have a white linen blazer, as well as a fuchsia colored blazer from Zara. I spent a little more on my Zara blazer but love how it holds its quality if you’re looking for something a little nicer! If you are looking for something cheaper to just try out, H&M also has some really cute blazers for less!
  • Plain T-shirt : Having a good quality, basic t-shirt is a definite staple to your wardrobe. I’ve always been reluctant to invest in a good quality t-shirt (and by invest I mean over $20) because to me I didn’t think it was anything special to spend my money on. However, after getting this t-shirt from Aritzia, I was SHOCKED. The softest, thickest, yet breathable, thing EVER. Not only does it feel amazing on, but it just makes my outfits look so much more put together, in comparison to the cheaper Brandy Melville or Urban Outfitter t-shirts that I’ve had previously. Below I linked the one I have on, plus a few other similar ones as well.
  • Cool pants : By cool pants, I mean pants that aren’t just your average jean. I love these pants from Aritzia. You can’t see too well in the pictures, but they have awesome stitching on the front where the pockets are. I am obsessed with the shape of them, and for all you tall girls – these are the PERFECT length. (I’m 5’9) Pants that are “different” have become one of my most favorite things to shop for. I think that having just one pair in your closet is perfect to dress up, down, and basically wear with any basic.
  • Denim shorts : Last but not least, a solid pair of denim shorts! It is so difficult for me to find shorts that fit me the way I want, are the style I like, and cover everything I need covered. These are probably the first pair of shorts to cross off all those things. They go up on the sides, which is very flattering on your figure, are distressed in the front, and go low in the back to cover your butt. They remind me of One Teaspoon shorts, but with a little more coverage and less pricey. I bought this pair from a store in Oahu called Homecoming Honolulu, but will have a pair similar linked below!

Links to items mentioned

Similar items

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